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Monarch Juniors
Monarch Juniors is NOT a competition. Our Junior Merfolk sign-up and and receive a crown, a sash, a t-shirt and a bag. They will have opportunities to participate in events with Monarch International Title holders and have opportunities to be recognized for their achievements and for community service. 

How to Join

To become a Junior Monarch, there is a registration fee of $175. This will include your Crown, Sash and bag. Parents will have the opportunity to learn about events that Juniors may want to participate in. In addition, Juniors can complete the tasks below in each of our Activity Categories to earn badges. As a result of activities, two Monarch Junior Ambassadors will be chosen no later than August 1, 2023. They will receive their official crown and sash and begin a year of representing Monarch and will be invited to crown a successor at Monarch International 2023. 


Submit Your Activities Here
Tasks Completed

Thank you for participating in Monarch Juniors!

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