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STAY TUNED for our
2025 dates and location!

Monarch International was created to celebrate all the Merfolk in the mer community, with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging!


Our Royal Court includes 6 Titles: Monarch of Atlantis, Ms Mermaid Monarch, Mr Merman Monarch, Merfolk Monarch, Majestic Monarch, and Monarch Ambassador.


All of our Delegates and our Royal Court are given a platform through Monarch to bring attention to important issues around protecting our oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterways as well as all the plants and animal life who depend on these waters for survival. 

Our Delegates are scored across 6 categories: Impact Statement, Photos, Bio, Interview, Sustainable Costume, and Formalwear.

We invite you to participate in this truly fun and unique event! Entry fees are $585usd and include all of your activities for the event, as well as your local crown and sash to represent your state, region, or country.  

Get started today by filling out an application HERE and we will schedule you for an interview. 

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