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Sept. 28- Oct 1, 2023
Washington, DC

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Monarch International was created to celebrate the  Mer Community , with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging! Our Royal Court includes 6 Titles. All of our Delegates, and Our Court is given a platform through Monarch to bring attention to important issues around protecting our oceans, rivers, lakes and waterways as well as all the plant and animal life dependent on these waters for survival. 

We invite you to participate in this truly unique event!!! Entry fees are $585 and include all of your activities for the weekend, as well as your local crown and sash to represent your state, region or country.  DISCOUNTS on Entry will be available at MermagicCon!

Get started today by filling out an application HERE and we will schedule you for an interview. 

Nominations for the 2023 Merward Recipients are happening NOW! CLICK HERE to nominate someone! Nominations run through March 1st!


You can also meet us at MERMAGICON 2023 where we will be back with our booth!

Stop by to meet us and some of our Royal court and VOTE for the 2023 International Merwards!!!! Nominations begin February 1st, so check back here, or on our social media pages for the links to nominate! 

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